Massage is one of the most ancient forms of therapeutic effects on the human body. Throughout the history many techniques have been developed for the treatment, recovery, relaxation, toning up of the human body.


The following selection of massages is offered in the massage room of "TES-hotel” by high-level experts .


Classic massage of general or local impact: the most ancient form of massage that relaxes tense muscles and restores the functions of all body systems. This kind of massage improves blood circulation, increases the overall tone, strengthens joints and generally has a positive effect on the entire body.


Anti-cellulite massage: the complex effect on skin and subcutaneous fat with special massage techniques, causing the fat cells get 'broken' and removed from the body naturally. This massage combines well with a variety of wrappings, which can also be done by specialists of "TES-Hotel".

Honey massage perfectly warms, improves blood circulation, gives vivacity and lightness of the body, but most importantly - removes toxins from the body through the skin, "finds" and "struggles" with the problem areas.


Chocolate massage: an excellent remedy against stress and bad mood, it helps to produce hormones of joy - endorphins - and hydrates and nourishes the skin, leaving it soft and smooth. Relaxing massage: one of the most relaxing forms of massage, allowing to relieve muscle tension, stress, fatigue or strain.


Samurai massage with bamboo twigs: performed by special bamboo twigs, which has a stimulating effect on the skin, as a result blood circulation is improved, reduces muscle tension and pain. Peeling, which is the removal of the top "stuffy" layer of cells and starts all the processes of skin renewal.

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